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ActivityStudio is released as three packages: ActivityDesigner, ActivityServer and Virtual Machine.

ActivityDesigner  release 2008.5.15
includes a design environment for creating and deploying a ubicomp design, and a testing workspace for testing a design in a simulated environment or monitoring/analyzing an in-situ test remotely. The optional feature of parsing roles from textual data in ActivityDesigner was implemented based on Stanford POS Tagger. Since the tagger is under the GPL license, it is not included in the ActivityDesigner release. If you want to use the feature, you can download the tagger separately here.

ActivityServer  release 2008.5.15
includes a web-based activity database server, and two services for hosting web applications (generated by ActivityDesigner) and dummy clients on low-end devices (e.g., a phone). This package should be used when you want to test a design in a realistic environment for an extended period, e.g., on a dedicated server for an experiment. After installation, set CATALINA_HOME as "activitystudio/activityserver/tomcat" and specify the host name or IP address of the server in "activitystudio/activityserver/experiment/server.inf".

Virtual Machine  release 2008.5.15
includes an ActivityStudio runtime environment for running a prototype on a high-end target device (e.g., a PC).

ActivityStudio is Open Source Software under the BSD license. Webpage designed and developed by Yang Li. Copyright (c) 2008 Saturday, 28-Mar-2009 18:14:51 UTC